Philosopher from Lancashire, Cometan, founds Astronism

Whilst forming the beliefs of Astronism, Cometan worked at the historic house and stately home of Hoghton Tower which itself has a deeply religious past.

Cometan was born in the city of Preston in Lancashire, England in 1998, and at the age of fifteen began to experience an intense series of inspirations and ideations lasting six years through which he was able to solely author the Omnidoxy. The Omnidoxy is a philosophical treatise stretching to over 1.25 million words in length and is the founding text of Astronism, a new philosophy or religion teaching cosmocentrism, that life exists on other planets, among many other beliefs (learn more

Spending the weekends of his youth at his grandparents’ residence at 222 Longmeanygate on the outskirts of Leyland, Cometan was brought up under the rules of his strict Roman Catholic grandmother, Irene Taylor. It was during this time that Cometan was immersed into religion and although the young boy did not acknowledge his interest in religion then, this would change in his adolescent years.

Hoghton Tower is an historic house and stately home privately owned by the de Hoghton family, which has presided over the Tower since at least the 12th century.

When Cometan began working at the Tower in 2017 at the age of eighteen, he was submerged into surroundings with a history of deep religious and supernatural significance which no doubt influenced Cometan’s philosophical work.

The De Hoghton family experienced a series of changes regarding their religious leanings, especially during the times of the English Reformation, and it was this that fascinated Cometan. Especially about what it must have been like for those whom were practicing nonconformism in the beautiful Banqueting Hall from 1662 onwards and how they must have been afraid of English soldiers finding and arresting them. This captivating religious history sent Cometan’s imagination wild and further quenched his intrigued about the religious history of England.

Cometan never made direct reference to Hoghton Tower in his work titled the Omnidoxy, and neither has he yet spoken widely about his philosophical musings during his time working at the Tower, However, the historical, religious, and reportedly supernatural epicentre that Hoghton Tower remains must have influenced the then budding philosopher and author.

Cometan is hosting his 21st birthday party at Hoghton Tower on Saturday 29th June which will also mark two years of his employment at the Tower. This party will be featured on the cover of the Lancashire & North West Magazine.

It remains important to note that the Hoghton Tower Preservation Trust is in no way connected or involved with the development of Astronism and does not seek to promote the philosophy founded by its employee, Cometan.

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